Department of English

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The Vision:

Excellence in the instruction and research of English Language, Literature and Translation to serve the community.

The Mission:

The English Department offers a comprehensive study plan to qualify competent and competitive graduates in English language and literature and to employ effective teaching, learning, research and assessment methods that conform national and international quality standards of accreditation.


The Objectives:

    To design courses in English Language, Literature and Translation that meet quality assurance and accreditation standards.
    To provide learning opportunities that help students develop both character and career.
    To build a research culture that encourages students to pursue post-graduate programs.
    To prepare competent and competitive graduates to fulfill the requirements of the job market.
    To employ learning & teaching strategies that motivates and develops critical thinking and ethical conduct.
    To motivate students to use English to further cultural and material well-being of the Saudi community.
    To conduct on job academic and professional training courses for staff members.

The Granted Diploma (Degree)

B.A in English Language & Literature

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