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The College of Science and Humanities is considered the basic foundation of Salman University as a number of colleges and supporting deanships spring from it. The college was established in 1426 H. with four departments. The Department of Lab Sciences which turned to be now the College of Applied Medical Science, the Department of Computer Science which turned to be now the Collegeof Engineering and Computer Science, the Department of Admission and Registration which turned to be now the Deanship of Admission and Registration, the Department of Students’ Affairs which turned to be now the Deanship of Students’ Affairs. In addition, prior to the establishment of the Preparatory Year Deanship the College used to supervise the unified program for the medical colleges and the preparatory year program. Up till now the college is responsible for offering the requirements needed for general preparation for all university colleges.

Over the last few years the college could get along with the new changes. This is made clear in the restructure of academic programs, development of new departments and the transfer of some of its departments into other colleges within the university. This is achieved by the help of Allah and the efforts exerted by the staff members to review and develop study plans in order to offer graduates who match the new needs of labor market. Currently the college is working hard towards distinction and excellence through establishing a system of total quality in order to achieve academic accreditation for its programs and be able to compete internationally.
In light of the great support of the president of the university Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Asmy, the College of Science and Humanities tries to be on top of other colleges in helping the university achieving the aim of serving the citizens of Saudi society at the level of good quality education, scientific research and publication. Thus, the college contributes to achieve aims set by the Ministry of Higher Educationwhich will place it in a highly expected position desired by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, highness of his crown prince and highness of the second deputy prince who offer great support to the university sector. Also, the college encourages community participation through research chairs that supervises. The college is honored by supervising the research chair of princess Sara B
ent Rashed bin Ghoneam to cultivate non-traditional medical and aromatic plants.

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