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The College of Science and Humanities : A Short  History

The College of Science and Humanities is considered the key stone for Salman Bin Abdulaziz University . It was established in Al Kharj in terms of the Royal Act No.  10363 / MB  on 22 / 8 / 1426 H. based on the decree of the Council of Higher Education No. 8/38 /1426 H. in its 38 session on 26 / 5 / 1426 H. as one of the colleges of King Saud University. The study in the college started in 1427 H .with four departments : Department of Mathematics , Department of Physics , Department of Medical Laboratories and Department of Computer Science . The Department  of Medical  Laboratories then joined the College of Applied Medical Science , where the study startedin 1428 H. Thus , the number of departments became three only .In 1429 , the name of the College of Science changed into the College of Science and Humanities in terms of the Royal Act No. 15151/ MB  on 3 / 7 /1429 based on the decree of the Council of Higher Education in its 48 session on 27 / 12 /1428 H. The college had the departments of ,Mathematics ,Physics , Law , Special Education and English , in addition to the Unit of General Preparation . The Department of Computer Science moved to the College ofEngineering and Computer Science , which joined  Al Kharj University in the middle of the first semester of the academic year 1430 / 1431 H. in terms of the Royal Act No . 7305 / MB on 3 / 9 / 1430 H. , which establishes Al Kharj University and makes all the colleges in the governorates of South Riyadh   an independent university under the name of Al Kharj University . In 10 / 6 /1431 H. , the University Council in its 4 th session proposed the restructuring of the colleges of girls . The departments of Physics , Mathematics and English  at the Girls College of Education moved to the College of Science and Humanities and and the Department of Special Education opened for girls , where the study started at the beginning of the academic year 1431 / 1432 H. to graduate researchers who contribute to the development of their country .In 2 / 10  / 1432  the name of the University of Al Khari changed into Salman Bin Abdulaziz University in terms of the Royal Act No . 45388 / MB .The departments of Chemistry and Biology opened , where the study started in the academic year 1434 / 1435 , according to the letter of the Minister of Higher Education No . 112306 on 28 / 11 / 1434 H. and the agreementof the Council of Higher Education in its 66 session on 20 /  10 / 1432 H . , which suggests to restructure some of the departments of Salman Bin Abdulaziz University and to move the Department of Special Education to the College of Education .The college exerted great efforts to cope with the extensive development of all areas of science in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Development of the college was not quantitative only , but areal scientific development which matched the scientific advancement of science and humanities . Much more facilitiesare  made available to staff members and students, and the numbers of staff members , employees  laboratories and students remarkably increased . What distinguishes the College of Science and Humanities is that its study plan furnishes the students with a basic scientific knowledge at the early levels of their study . The study at the advanced levels is an applied one , and the students spend the last year studying applied courses in some departments or field and laboratory courses   in  some others . The students , accordingly , achieve academic standards  that qualify them to work in areas of specialization efficiently and to proceed to  post – graduate courses

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