Vice Dean Message

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I extend my best wishes to the College of Science and Humanities for its scientific distinction and its employees to be blessed with eternal progress and prosperity. It isthe certitude and constancy of multi-national teaching staff with distinctive specializations from the reputed universities who grace the students with valuable knowledge.

Dear student, one of the most important traits of the College of Science and Humanities is community involvement. The College is successfully extending its services to a large community within and outside the University premises. From this perspective, the College is toilingto plan and offer programs measuring up to the job market requirements. Not only this, but the College reviews its programs constantly to cope up with the social needs.

I believe in teamwork with the main concern to provide a stimulating academic environment in conformity with the quality assurance to accredit the College. We are also looking forward to strengthen the communication with the faculty and students so that they can achieve their aspirations and the teaching-learning process moves onward.

I conclude with beseeching Almighty God to bless us with sincerity, conciliation and determination.