The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

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The Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his true companions:

On behalf of the Deanship of Education and Education, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the College of Science and Humanities.

The Deanship of Education and Academics is the real academic strength that creates a quality based learning environment among the Departments to acquire the academic accreditation. The Deanship is also concerned with developing study plans based on theoretical and practical courses that stimulate student’s ethical behaviour as well as critical thinking.

The most important program among those is the Academic Advising. Academic Advising bridges each student to his/her academic advisor right from his/her first day at the College. The College, through its website,  provides an easy access to its students to their academic guides and examination rules and regulations. Since, we believe that students, with the help of decision-makers, take decisive steps in their academic life, so the College has constituted the Student Advisory Council. Under the supervision of the Student Advisory Council, the Student Care Unit not only helps the students to play a significant role in evaluating the College but also conveys the students’ observations to the College administration on a regular basis.

The College of Science and Humanities conducts conferences and seminars under experienced resource persons to develop students’ personal and professional skills. The College is on its way to acquire local and international accreditation for all its academic programs. We do believe in the reality that quality starts with hard work and is a continuous  exercise.

Ultimately, we hope that the College of Science and Humanities will be distinctive and its students will always play a significant role in the development and prosperity of our country.


Dr Khalid Bin Mobark Al-khahtani