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Stabilization of heavy oil fly ash (HFO) for environmental and construction purposes محمد عبد الرحمن شقير
Heavy fuel oil (HFO) is one of the major sources of fly ash in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Power plants, such as Sha'iba and Rabigh, and water desalination plants are using HFO as fuel. The production of large amounts of fly ash from HFO is a serious environmental challenge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The major part of this FA (about 90–95 %) is dumped into landfills. Research of the characteristics and possible applications of HFO in Saudi Arabia is still insufficient in the scientific literature. Accordingly the main objective of the current research proposal is to investigate stabilization of fly ash generated at power, and desalination plants firing fuel oil, and to utilize the products for construction and other industrial applications. Production of new functional geopolymer cement using HFO as precursors will be investigated also. The products and cement will be subjected to physical and chemical .characterization and analysis ...
Impedimetric biosensor for serodiagnosis of canine L.infantum leishmaniasis أسامة مختار ورغي
visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a severe disease that occurs in different mammalian species, including the human population. It is an important emerging parasitic disease found in 88 countries with a total of 200 million people at risk. It is caused by hemoflagellate protozoa belonging to the Leishmania genus and transmitted by the bite of phlebotomine sand flies. Canines are considered as the main urban reservoir for Leishmania spp. The monitoring of canine visceral leishmaniasis (CVL) is important to control the parasite transmission to man. However, classic laboratory techniques for the diagnosis of leishmania are usually time consuming and requires specialized skills and high cost. Thus, the development of practical and real-time methods to detect quantitatively the reaction antigen– antibodies in real time without labels or reagents is desirable. Biosensors, a judicious combination of signal transducers and bio-components, are emerging as a crucial alternative to conventional methods for the detection of pathogens. Biosensors utilizing immunological methods are particularly attractive for pathogenic organisms detection since they do not require large sample volumes or toxic solvents for analysis; they require minimal sample preparation, low reagent consuming, have high specificity in complex medium and have the potential for miniaturization, portability, and automation. In particular, electrochemical immuno-sensors have been successfully applied for immuno-detection of pathogens. In this project, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy technique will be used for canine leishmaniasis serodiagnosis using soluble Leishmania Antigens (SLA) as biological support. A carboxylic acid terminated alkanethiol monolayer will be used to provide a suitable interface for the covalent immobilization of SLA via EDC/NHS as coupling reagent. The antigen will be covalently linked through their primary amine residues to the activated...
Antioxidant activity of mildbone and mildbenone secondary metabolites of Erythrina mildbraedii Harms: A theoretical approach الحسن أنوار

El Hassane Anouar. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Accepted (Nov 2015), In press.


Flavanone mildbone and its isomeric chalcone mildbenone isolated from an African Erythrina species herms, E. mildbraedii showed significant antioxidant activity to scavenge 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl free radical (DPPH). To shed light and explain the high antioxidant activity of mildbone compared with mildbenone, density functional theory (DFT) calculations have been carried out at the B3P86/6-311 G(d,p) and MPWB1K/6-311 G(d,p) levels of theory. The solvent effects were taken into account implicitly using polarizable continuum model (PCM). The results showed that the high antioxidant activity of mildbone is mainly related to the second bond dissociation enthalpy BDEd of a second hydrogen atom transfer from i-OH phenoxyl radical to the free radical. Thermodynamic and kinetic results showed that DPPH and peroxyl •OOCH3 free radicals scavenging by mildbone and mildbone mainly proceed through a proton-coupled electron transfer (PC-ET) mechanism.

Analysis & Treatment of Water and Sediment عمر أجوييد

 My doctoral dissertation was conducted under the direction of Prof. Nicolas Marmier, and looks at the use of mineral additives as a adsorbents to reduce the mobility of heavy metals during storage of sludge dredging contaminated. In my research, clay minerals (kaolinite and illite) and metal oxy-hydroxides (hematite, goethite and alpha-alumina) are being considered for this study given their natural occurrence in sediments and their high retention capacity. The results show that the addition of amendments could be a successful technique for stabilization of chromium and other metals in contaminated sediment

"Women cannot write": Virginia Woolf and the inferiority of Women in Modern Literature مشاعل ابراهيم الحماد

This paper has been presented in the in-house seminar at King Saud University. This paper deals with Woolf's response to the patriarchal attitude toward female artists. It starts with offering a brief historical background regarding the early modern period and the state of women at that time. It discusses the events that led to changes in the Victorian patriarchal society. Then, it responds to the claims raised by anti-feminists who believe women cannot write like men, and that female artists are inferior to male artists.

‘Spirit Verse’ Apocryphal Poems and Marketing in Composing Lizzie Doten’s Poems from the Inner Life مشاعل ابراهيم الحماد

Presented in the MA conference at the university of Leeds, this paper is concerned with the trance medium Lizzie Doten’s book Poems from the Inner Life published in 1863 and her peculiar claim about the origins of a majority of these poems. She claims that the majority of her poems were dictated to her through speaking (while in a trance state of being) with the spirits of well-known poets, including Edgar Allan Poe. While her claim includes dead poets other than Poe, such as William Shakespeare and Robert Burns, the majority of the poems in this book were attributed to Poe’s spirit. Thus, by combing the two phenomena, spiritualism and Edgar Allan Poe, she has composed her book, Poems from the Inner Life. 

My Poor, Un-white Thing: Skin Colour as a Traumatic Symptom in Nella Larsen’s Passing, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Chinelo Okparanta’s ‘Fairness’ مشاعل ابراهيم الحماد

My MA dissertation focuses on the effects of slavery on the writings of female African Americans in different time periods. I argue that slavery creates a scar that can be still traced in the psyches of female African Americans by analysing the way they write about skin colour. Seeing skin colour as a post-traumatic symptom of slavery, I argue that slavery still hunts the lives of African Americans. 

Desertification and its Effect on Erosion of Vegetation in the South-Western Region of Saudi Arabia عبير حمدي الحكيم

Magda Magdy Abd El-Salam , Abeer Hamdy Elhakem  , Journal of Environmental sciences , 2016, Vol. 188, 164-172 .

The application of biogenic and biomorphic inorganic materials in heterogeneous catalysis: a brief overview عبدالرحمن ابراهيم الحارثي

Justin S. J. Hargreaves and Abdulrahman Alharthi, The application of biogenic and biomorphic inorganic materials in heterogeneous catalysis:  a brief overview, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, In Press.

Phytochemical Screening and Gastroprotective Effect of the aerial Parts of Salasola terrandraForssk.against Aspirin Induced Gastric Ulceration in Rats أمينه عبدالرحمن المشحن

Gastric ulcers are a common disorder of the entire gastrointestinal tract that occurs mainly in the stomach and the proximal duodenum. This disease is multifactorial and its treatment faces great difficulties due to the limitedeffectiveness and severe side effects of the currently available drugs (Mota et al., 2009).

Aspirin is a potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases as well as the prevention of cardiovascular thrombotic diseases. Gastric ulcer associated with the use of aspirin is a major problem. Many factors such as gastric acid and pepsin secretion, gastric microcirculation, prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) content (Laine, et. al., 2008) and proinflammatorycytokines interleukin (IL-1β) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) –α play important role in the genesis of gastric mucosal damage and its subsequent development (Wang, et al. 2007;  Wallace 2008).

Plant extracts are attractive sources of new drugs and have been shown to produce promising results in the treatment of gastric ulcers (Al kathar and Munir, 1989). Numerous plants and herbs are used to treat gastrointestinal disorders in traditional medicine (Schmeda-Hirschmann and Yesilada, 2005; Mota et al., 2009).

The genus Salsola, family Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot family) consists of over100species found in the dried regions of Asia, Europe and Africa [El Hadidi& Fayed, 1994; Boulos, 1995]. Some Salsola plants are widely used as folk medicine for the treatment of hepatitis [Abegaz & Woldu,1991]; or infections caused by tapeworm andparasites [Saratikov & Vengerovskil, 1995]; they also have pronounced vasoconstrictive, hypertensive, and cardiac stimulant action [Beyaoui, et al, 2012]...

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