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معاملات تكافؤ الموثوقية لنظام توالى من المركبات الغير متماثلة ذات خليط من معدلات الإخفاق محمد السيد الداوودى

2009 AD 


A. Mustafa, B. S. El-Desouky and M. El-Dawoody, Reliability Equivalence Factors of Non identical Components Series System with Mixture Failure Rates. International Journal of Reliability and Applications, 2009 AD.

2007 AD


A. Mustafa, B. S. El-Desouky and M. El-Dawoody, Reliability Equivalence Factor of Series System with Mixture Failure Rates, The 42th Annual Conference ISSR Cairo University, Egypt, 2-5 Dec., 2007 AD.

Stabilization of heavy oil fly ash (HFO) for environmental and construction purposes مازن يوسف الشاعر
Power plants, such as Sha'iba and Rabigh, and water desalination plants are using HFO as fuel. The production of large amounts of fly ash from HFO is a serious environmental challenge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The major part of this FA (about 90–95 %) is dumped into landfills. Research of the characteristics and possible applications of HFO in Saudi Arabia is still insufficient in the scientific literature. Accordingly the main objective of the current research proposal is to investigate stabilization of fly ash generated at power, and desalination plants firing fuel oil, and to utilize the products for construction and other industrial applications. Production of new functional geopolymer cement using HFO as precursors will be investigated also. The products and cement will be subjected to physical and chemical characterization and analysis. ...
Development of functional geopolymer – based construction materials for passive cooling of buildings مازن يوسف الشاعر

Providing comfortable indoor conditions becomes problematic when outdoor temperature is high. The basic source of heat in a building is the sunlight energy absorbed through the roof, walls, windows as well as the heat generated by appliances and air leakages. Air-conditioning provides some relief. However, its initial cost as well as the related cost of electricity consumption make it an expensive technology to afford. In addition, conventional air conditioners use refrigerants containing chlorine compounds, which unfortunately contribute to depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. It is noteworthy that human production of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, is affecting the global climate. Statistics show that nearly 50% of CO2 emissions in developed countries are derived from energy consumption in buildings. Thus, it is obvious that well-designed and energy-efficient construction materials are prerequisite for low-energy-consumption as well as for a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Our major aim in this research is to develop a new approach for green buildings in Saudi Arabia: thermal building behavior, exhibited by the coupling of using the pore structure and surface adsorbed water of a material as a passive cooling system, and production of geopolymer cement using local and low costresources at ambient temperature with low energy consumption. In residential buildings, the conventional air-conditioning systems tend to be noisy with unsightly protuberances on buildings, whilst passive cooling systems using porous building materials can be designed to enable high adsorbed water evaporation, during hot days. This proposal deals with the design of a sustainable passive evaporative...

Plasma Enhanced Polymer for Biocompatible and other Industrial Applications عصام محمد عبدالفتاح ابراهيم

The intent of the project is to develop a new functional materials based on plasma modification of polymer surface to use in several emerging novel application as a biocompatible material and/or improves the adhesion and wetability properties of polymer surface for other industrial applications.  The conditions of the plasma treatment, such as discharge voltage (power), exposure time, gas type/composition and chamber pressure that determine the nature and degree of the chemical modification of the polymer surface must be adjusted on the polymer type to minimize degradation and aging effects. Various types of polymer that have potential use  as biomedical compatible material, tissue engineering.  The biomedical studies will focus on the characterization of the blood coagulation and protein adhesion on the surface of treated polymer.  

publications عصام رشدى الزهار


The Published Papers د/ أشرف السيد يحيى
Crystal structure of tert-butyl 2-phenylethylcarbamat محمد بطاح الشمري

tert-Butyl 2-phenylethylcarbamate was synthesized from the reaction of 2-phenylethylamine with 1.2 equivalents of ditert-
butyl dicarbonate in the presence of 1.5 equivalents of triethylamine in dichloromethane at 0 °C for 15 minutes and then under reux for 1 h. The crude product was puried by crystallization from hexane to give the title compound(90%) as colourless crystals, mp 56–57 °C (lit. 56.1–56.4 °C [1]; 54–55 °C [2]; 55–56 °C [3]).

Crystal structure of 1,1-dimethyl-3-(2-phenylethyl)urea محمد بطاح الشمري

1,1-Dimethyl-3-(2-phenylethyl)urea was synthesized from reaction of (2-phenylethyl)amine with dimethylcarbamoyl chloride (1.1 mole equivalents) in the presence of triethylamine (1.4 mole equivalents) in dichloromethane under reflux for 1 h. Recrystallization using a mixture of ethyl acetate and diethyl ether (1:3 by volume) gave the title compound (99%) as colourless crystals, mp 89–90 °C (lit. 88–90 °C [1]; 81–82 °C.

An Investigation of Assessment Practices in an EFL Program محمد علي قاسم
Evaluation of Collection efficiencies and related parameters of some ionization chambers محمد عبد الرحمن شقير
Evaluation of the collection efficiency of the ion chamber is very important for every application which requires accurate radiation quantity determination such as radiation therapy applications. The values of the effective electrode spacing introduced in the Boag's collection efficiency formula should be determined accurately, and ion recombination of some ion chambers of different types should be evaluated numerically when operating in continuous and pulsed radiation. It is proposed that consistent simulation of the internal surface of the ion chamber could be achieved if the chamber volume is divided into small volumes, hence accurate determination of electrode spacing may be achieved. Chambers included in this propodsal are cyliderical. spherical, and plane-parallel chambers. Some other related parameters should be included such as back diffusion current determination and ion multiplication effect. evaluation of collection efficiencies of these ion chambers should be performed in continuous and pulsed radiation as well and for a wide spectrum of applied potential values. ...
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