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Spin-Dependent Transport through Aharonov-Casher Ring Irradiated by an Electromagnetic Field نبيل عبد الفتاح ابراهيم

         The spin dependent conductance of mesoscopic device is investigated under the effect of infrared and ultraviolet radiation and magnetic field. This device is modeled as Aharonov-Casher ring and a quantum dot is imbedded in one arm of the ring. The result show oscillatory behavior of the conductance due to Coulomb blockade effect and the interplay of Rashba spin orbit coupling strength with induced photons of electromagnetic field.

This paper is published in: Progress n Physic, 4 (2010), 78.

Transport Characteristics of Mesoscopic Radio-Frequency Single Electron Transistor. نبيل عبد الفتاح ابراهيم

         In this paper investigate in field in mesoscopic devices " nano scale devices" which studey transport of single electrons in quantum dot and measured the radio frequency result due to transport this electrons between different levels by effected electromagnetic and electric waves.

Tis paper is publised in: CHIN. PHYS. LETT>, Vol. 25, No. 1 (2008). 250.

Correlation between clinical characteristics, survival and genetic تهاني محمد الهزاني

Correlation between clinical characteristics, survival and genetic

alterations in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma from Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Al-Qahtania, Tahani Al-Hazzanib, Turki Al-hussainc, Abdulmonem Al-Ghamdic,

Hadeel Al-Manac, Saud Al-Arifid, Mohammed Al-Ahdala, Magdy Alye,f,*

aBiological and Medical Research (MBC 03), King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Box 3344 (MBC-03), Riyadh 11211, Saudi Arabia

bScientific Section, Department of Biology, University of Princess Nora Bent Abdul Rahman, P.O. Box 84428, Riyadh 11671, Saudi Arabia

cDepartment of Pathology and LaboratoryMedicine, King Faisal SpecialistHospital and Research Centre, P.O. Box 3544 (MBC-03), Riyadh 11211, Saudi Arabia

dZoology Department, King Saud University, P.O. Box 2455, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia

eBiology Department, Jazan University, P.O. Box 114, Jazan 45142, Saudi Arabia

fZoology Department, Beni-Suef University, P.O. Box 169 Imbaba, Beni-Suef 62511, Egypt

Received 16 June 2010; received in revised form 30 July 2010; accepted 8 August 2010

3) E. Abdel-Fattah, and H. Sugai : Combined effects of exciting frequency and gas pressure on electron energy distribution function in hydrogen Capacitively coupled plasma. Physics of Plasma , 20, 023501, (2013). (American institute of Physics) عصام محمد عبدالفتاح ابراهيم
2) E. Abdel-Fattah: Characteristic of capacitively coupled Helium plasma driven at various frequencies under constant dissipated power. Vacuum 97, 65-70, (2013). (Elsevier) عصام محمد عبدالفتاح ابراهيم
1) E. Abdel-Fattah and Omar F. Farrag: Alpha to gamma mode transition in hydrogen capacitive radio-frequency discharge. Accepted for publication in Canadian Journal of Physics. 10.1139/cjp-2013-0144 Can. J. Phys. Vol. 91, 2013, (NRC research Press) عصام محمد عبدالفتاح ابراهيم
Chemodiversity of Flavonoids and their taxonomic importance in Genus Arnebia (Boraginacea) in Saudi Arabia مسفره فرحان الشلوي
pollen Genus Arnebia in Saudi Arabia مسفره فرحان الشلوي
Taxonomical and biochemical comparisons of arnebia l . genus in saudi arabia مسفره فرحان الشلوي
Effect of Litter Type, Thickness and Stocking Density on Some of the Litter Characteristics مانع محمد الجديعي


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